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Thursday 20th June 2024
By SamAzhar

Unleashed your travel moment experience through writing with TravelBlog.id

Hello my travelmate,

May I ask you some questions? What if we talking about your travel experience ever since. What is your best destination during your journey? What is your favorite and memorable the most when you’re in vacation? Who are your travel with. Family picnic or solo wanderer? Are you a backpacker or handled by travel-person. Which one you’d prefer, lavish style or Low-budget comfort? Just stay at luxury hotel or small village. Interested in urban city or rural areas. Are you looking for something crowded or some private and calm places?

Moreover after away too long, are you always still looking for the next challenge? Does your heart beat frequently every time you press “book ticket” online? Do you like sharing travel inspiration with your friends and family? You can usually take notes or make to do list on diary’s or even your journal? The answer is yours which depends on your different style and each character. Just make it simple and more alive. Because starting by now you can write on article whenever and whereever you are. Not only you but every people can be loyal reader then.
Introducing Travelblog.id which is web platform specifically looking for passionate both individuals or by groups who loves travel and share their experiences to inspire among others. Both local or even globally.

In TravelBlog.id, you can be a part of in writing your traveling articles with great writeups, beautiful photographs, and insightful opinions. As simple you just have to register and voila become an contributor. Once you’ve registered, you can write up both in Bahasa or/and English. Eventhough you don’t have any blog, your story can be read by many people, even from other side country, especially tourists across the globe. Sound interesting, right?

These are some categories featured in TravelBlog.id that you want to choose.

3.Art and Culture
4.Tips & Info

How to join?

Here are the simple steps to be a contributor in TravelBlog.id:
First, sign in as user TravelBlog.id or sign up if you’re not registered yet. Enter the dashboard and fill in complete the profile. Then, click create article then write your experience and insert some updated photos. Each contributor can easily to write articles in Bahasa or English.

When you have finished writing, do not forget to click save as draft. In the draft article menu profile, you can edit the text as much as you can before your final sending. Just click send your best article, just to make sure if you had finished.
Articles that has been sent will be in the pending article menu and awaiting for moderation process from editors team until it’s offically approved and published.

The selected article will be featured in the published article menu. Some articles are already www.TravelBlog.id for Bahasa article and https://www.TravelBlog.id/en/ for English article.

Creates an article on TravelBlog.id is not just specific in text only. You can also upload your traveling photos and video that you want to share with other readers. Moreover, if you’re very good at in English, you can write articles in English instead. We’ll never know someday someone else or other tourists are being helpful by your traveling articles. Plus the good news is, you can also get special point for rewards from your writings and redeem with the prizes.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket and make your own itineraries possible. Let’s write your best article on Travelblog.id
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